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About Us

Love Yourself
Cosmetic Clinic

Love Yourself Cosmetic Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic based in Perth, Australia that is driven by honesty and holistic client care. We strive to create a safe space for everyone to belong in our movement of loving oneself and taking great care of one's skin.


Love Yourself Cosmetic Clinic commits itself to helping everyone achieve the best version of themselves and unlock their true beauty potential regardless of race, gender, and size; and using only the best, most effective, and safest technology and products in the industry.

We promise our clients with safety and comfort during their treatments within the confines of our beautiful and relaxing clinic.


Love Yourself Cosmetic Clinic was founded by an Australia-based registered nurse whose vision has always been to help the people around her be the uniquely best version of themselves.

Our founder is a professional and experienced operating theatre and medical-surgical nurse who has over 10 years of experience in the field.

The CEO also travels regularly across the country and overseas to attend scientific forums and non-surgical symposiums where she gets to interact one-on-one with the world's best and well-renowned scientists, innovators, and researchers of health and beauty. This is to ensure that the clinic delivers only the most effective, safest, and best machines and products.

For the founder, loving and taking good care of yourself has nothing to do with vanity and self-centeredness but everything to do with confidence in your skin, even without wearing make-up.

As such, the CEO is in a constant quest to enhancing her skills and further expanding her knowledge on the field of health and beauty to achieve her mission and to help our clients find the best personalised care for their looks and well-being.

The Logo

The Love Yourself Cosmetic Clinic logo is the letter "L" from its name that is carefully drawn to double as a heart-shape to symbolize the mission of the company - to help our clients love themselves by taking great care of themselves, especially their skin.

The logo was designed by the founder together with her good friend and apprentice, Khalid Epping, a registered nurse just like Miss Lovel all the way from the Philippines.

Let’s Work Together

2A/151 Herdsman Parade

Wembley, Perth 6014

Tel: 08 6380 1682

Mobile No: 0410 129 995

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